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Isefficient information exchange system diagram

Communication flow nowadays

The quality of the communication flow decreases as it progresses between the different agents in the value chain, tending to zero when it reaches the last agent.

This situation generates a communication gap that negatively affects the productivity of the sector.

Communication flow with VT-Platform

VT-Platform allows all agents to access the same source of information: the BIM model, to work on it from any device and from anywhere.

In this way, we democratize access to these technological solutions to all agents in the life cycle of an AEC asset, taking BIM to the field and consequently improving the quality of communication between all agents.

Gif flujo de datos digital

The Digital Data Flow or DDF is based on the synchronization and storage in the cloud of the data generated when working on a BIM model in real time, regardless of the device from which it is generated.

This allows, for example:

  1. To immerse ourselves in the BIM model with VT-Platform in VR, detect an interference and report it directly on the model
  2. That another person in the office access this notification in real time with VT-Platform web, and can assign a person in charge from web for the review on site
  3. That the person in charge on site superimposes the BIM model on the real space with VT-Platform in AR, accesses the notification, consults the interference, and can propose a solution directly on the BIM model
This is how we are laying the foundations of the

Metaverse in the AEC sector

We develop productivity technology solutions
To end… 

This is possible thanks to VT-Platform

 a web platform that allows you to get the most out of your models, without the need to be a BIM expert.

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