What is VT-Platform and what advantages gives to you

VT-LabNewsWhat is VT-Platform and what advantages gives to you
2 November, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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VT-Platform is an unique web platform to integrate BIM models in VR, AR and MR.

It allows you in a short time see your BIM model, the information within and interact with it virtually, offering new solutions that make the AECO processes more effective.

Thanks to it, we can offer the possibility of visualize BIM models in virtual and augmented reality, with all the advantages that it involve.

Through a web platform as VT-Platform, it is possible to manage, visualize and interact with your BIM models, not only in office but also at work, simultaneously.

Thanks to VT-Platform we can integrate BIM models and their information in any device. We are working with VR, AR, MR, WEBVR and Mobile AR. You can interact among all devices in different physical places at the same time and working in the same digital space.


At VT-Lab we have tools “in field” as augmented reality tools, thereby we create cyber-physical spaces, those where physical space and digital space come together to create a common area where interact between both worlds in real time.

In this way we bring to first line workers of the AECO sector an affordable tool, economically and intellectually, which allows them to access to the information gave by office workers (white collars), from a simple smartphone in a natural way and easy to understand.

We ensure to bridge the communicative gap that have exist historically in the sector, providing the collaboration and communication between them, creating a high quality information flow and increasing productivity.

From being able to fly over our model to see possible design mistakes, to control the state of an equipment inside of the BIM model… Working with real tools inside a virtual world offers infinite possibilities of use.

Currently we are working on the new version of VT-Platform that is going to be presented at Construtec 2018 (the european event of reference for the sector of materials, technical and constructive solutions, in Madrid) and incorporating a number of advantages and new tools that raise it to another level.

The countdown is activated.

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