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Access VT-Platform on the web where you will have all the information digitized, centralized and updated in real time, being accessible by any agent involved in the process. Enjoy all the virtual and augmented reality solutions and tools designed to work both in the office and on site.

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  • Improve the comprehension of the documents and the coordination between the different agents participants in the process. 
  • The information about the project is centralized an vinculated with each other. 
  • VT-Platform has a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it easy to use no matter what level of BIM you have. 

Enjoy all the functionalities of VT-Platform and be part of work 4.0:

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Use different devices and combine their best features depending on where you are, to better understand your projects. Interact with your BIM model cooperatively regardless of location or device.

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1. Have your BIM model

2. Upload your model to VT-Platform to manage it in your web viewer

3. You can now visualize it on any device

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