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The web platform that allows you to visualize and work with BIM models in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in a easy way

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Extract the full potential of BIM

Take models beyond the BIM department, making them understandable and accessible for all the stakeholders thanks to Augmented and Virtual Reality, and to the ease of use of VT-Platform


Strengthens field-office communications

Work on your BIM model in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or web, and generate a digital and contextualized data flow, easily from anywhere


Work on your BIM model in
real scale

Overlay your model on the real space (physical space) in AR through a simple smartphone or tablet, or dive inside at 1:1 scale in VR improving the spaces comprehension, independently of the face that the project is in

What differenced VT-Platform

from other platforms?

Grupo 650

We make PHYDIGITAL possible
for the AEC sector

Grupo 651

Augmented Reality
with a simple Smartphone

Grupo 652

BIM accessible
without BIM know-how

Grupo 653

API integration with other sistems
or platforms (CMMS, SCADA, ERP…)

Grupo 654

Cloud based.
Access to VT-Platform wherever you are

Grupo 655

Customized VT-Platform
with your corporative identity

Grupo 656


Multidispositive AR and VR

Get started in VR and AR in just three steps

Step 1

Upload your BIM model (IFC)

Step 2

Manage your model through the web BIM viewer

Step 3

Visualize and work on your model in VR and AR

Some tools

you will find


of application

Design and plannification

Site execution

Fabrication and distribution

Operation and maintenance

Industrialized construction

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VT-Platform is a Platform with a lot of potential and projection. I will like to highlight its three main environments where it could work with BIM models: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and web viewer. By converging on the same platform, a centralization of the information generated is guaranteed regardless of the device on which you work, whether VR glasses, tablet, cell phone, etc.

In particular, being able to work in Augmented Reality on site enables to make geometrics and positional verifications of the elements executed and planned, as well as to consult in situ properties and possible comments associated with the elements of the model.

Daniel Sánchez - BIM Specialist - COMSA

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With VT-Platform we are going to be able to offer to our clients specific solutions to win in:
-Safety in the information managed on site
-Easy accessibility to the BIM model and all the data associated without major headaches, without the need of software and regardless of the device or the place.

In conclusion, VT-Platform allows us to make available to the technical expertise the easy use of BIM models to be able to overlap them with physical reality through AR, or in an immersive way through VR, all on a web platform and from a simple mobile phone.

Pablo Cordero - CEO Wisebuild

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