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Work with BIM models in augmented reality, virtual reality and web


Productivity solutions
that solve real processes.

Work in augmented reality or virtual wherever you are.

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Perform any task in a natural and intuitive way on the digital twin of your project, bypassing physical barriers.

Working in AR and VR facilitates a better and faster understanding of the information, and consequently, a better decision-making regardless of the phase of the life cycle in which your project is.

Better understand the size and scope of your project thanks to
interact with your BIM model from any device.

Use different devices and combine their best features depending on where you are find to better understand your projects. Interact with your BIM model cooperatively without import location or device.

Augmented reality (AR)

BIm site

Visualize your BIM model superimposed on the real space, both in the field and in the office, and work directly on it.

Save time and costs thanks to the integration of BIM models in augmented reality, detecting errors more quickly, eliminating duplicate work and improving productivity.

Bim building

Virtual Reality (VR)

Extract the full potential of BIM in an immersive way thanks to virtual reality.

Immerse yourself within your model in a completely digital environment at any stage of your project life cycle.

BIM web viewer

Work with your model in three dimensions and access all its data in a visual and intuitive way.

View your BIM model in a web viewer easily from your browser.

Start working in augmented and virtual reality in just three steps

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Register on the web in an easy and fast way. Create your project and upload your BIM models.
Visualize and interact with them in augmented reality and virtual reality thanks to our digital productivity tools.

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Virtual and augmented reality productivity solutions for the AECO sector.
Improve efficiency in your work processes saving time and costs with solutions that solve real needs both in the field and in the office.

Real VR and AR solutions to solve work processes in the field and in the office simultaneously.

Data storage (data synchronization between VR, AR and web).

Customizable platform with your company’s corporate identity.

API access

Connection with other systems: ERP, GMAO, CRM….

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