VT-Platform 2.0 – Setting the bases of the Metaverse in the AEC sector

VT-LabNewsVT-Platform 2.0 – Setting the bases of the Metaverse in the AEC sector
1 February, 2022 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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We present VT-Platform 2.0, the enabler of the metaverse in the AEC sector 

We are pleased to announce to all of you the latest update to our platform, which we have been working on for some time. 

These updates are the result of the close contact that we maintain with our clients and collaborators, that allow us to know in a deeper level their needs, as well as to identify their points of improvement thanks to the integration of Virtual and Augmented Reality with BIM. 

Testing our tools in real work environments enable us to develop technological solutions focused exclusively on improving productivity and increasing efficiency in the work processes of any company in the AEC sector that considers technology and innovation as a pillar of its DNA. 

What VT-Platform enables you to do? 

We have been developing VT-Platform to give possibility to every agent of an AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) asset life cycle to work with BIM models in Augmented and Virtual reality in an easy way. By doing so, we bring BIM models to field whit the aim of extracting all its potential beyond the BIM department, allowing any agent to interact and work with them without even the need of knowing what BIM is. 

How this works? 

VT-Platform is a web platform in which you can access with your username and password. Working with BIM models in VR and AR is as easy as creating your project and uploading a model. 

Automatically, you could access such in Virtual Reality (though Oculus Quest 2 headsets), as well as in Augmented Reality (through a mobile phone or tablet) 

Some of the tools you will find  

When you access to your model in Virtual and Augmented Reality through VT-Platform, you will find a series of productivity tools to go further than the simple visualization of your model, by switching to work on it, saving time and costs. 

Consult the BIM information of the elements that make up your model, filter exclusively the elements you want to see, modify the opacity of such, perform section cuts from any angle, visualize it in scale 1:1, make measures… this are some of the functionalities that you will find in VT-Platform. 

The main innovation: Digital Data Flow  (DDF)

Use our notes tool to put any kind of annotation on any element of your BIM model, and access in real time to the data flow generated from any place and device. 

This will allow you to carry out your work process with applications in any area, such as: 

  • Design and project planification
  • Site execution
  • Distribution and fabrication
  • Industrialized construction
  • Operation and maintenance

Consult our plans and get started on working with BIM models in Augmented and Virtual Reality. You will be able to access to the DDF through our Professional plan, that we will be uploading with an exclusive price for a limited time: VT-Platform

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