How to take advantage of the trend technologies to achieve the efficiency in AEC sector

VT-LabNewsHow to take advantage of the trend technologies to achieve the efficiency in AEC sector
10 January, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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For the last four years, the company Gartner Inc., a consultant and investigation of technology information firm with headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut (USA), publish the trend technologies for the next year.

By end-2018 we discover which are the 10 trend technologies that according to Gartner will star in 2019.

VT-Lab has as work focus four of these trend technologies, of which we extract all the potential, thanks to the integration with BIM methodology, methodology that is already settled in USA and some countries of Europe, and is going to be trend in Spain during 2019 because of its earlier implementation in December 2018.

  • Digital twins: the virtual representation of a real-world entity, system or organization created to improve enterprise decision making.

trend technologies

  • Immersive experience:  blending artificial, virtual and mixed reality in a way that changes how people perceive their world.
  • Smart spaces: integrating physical and digital environments in order to create a more immersive, interactive and automated experience for the user.

trend technologies 2019

  • Autonomous things: using AI to automate functions previously performed by humans.

Thanks to this technologies, we achieve to automate processes and extract the maximum potential of the models, achieving greater efficiency in processes and increasing the productivity of companies and the AEC sector.

Furthermore, in a nearly future, the utilization of other technologies as blockchain, Quantum computing, etc. with the previously mentioned, will benefit the AECO sector increasing all the potential and the advantages of each of them.

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