Today we present you most recent update of VT-Platform

VT-LabNewsToday we present you most recent update of VT-Platform
13 September, 2022 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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We have updated

VT-Platform, what’s new?


I´m going to ask you to make a simple imagination exercise:


We are in a construction site: a store that is in a renovation phase. We pull out our mobile phone or tablet and we open VT-Platform APP. 

Once inside, we select the project and then the BIM model of the asset to be build. Then, through VT-Platform Digital Anchor system, we proceed to position the BIM model on the site. In this way, we are superimposing the BIM model (the digital world) with the construction site (the physical world).  

In this new VT-platform version we can create new anchors in ether of its interfaces, meaning: from web, from Augmented Reality and form Virtual Reality. To place the anchor in Augmented Reality we simply have to choose a physical reference where to place the anchor, such as a corner or an easily accessible pillar in the construction site, and place it. In this way, we will be able to enter the VT-Platform application for mobile or tablet and place it to produce that exact linking of the model with the site, as we see in the following image: 

Anchor tool in VT-Platform

Digital anchor placement with Augmented Reality in VT-Platform


Once we have the model placed in Augmented Reality, now we can work on it with the different tools that you will find in VT-Platform

We are going to select the change color tool to certificate a specific element of the BIM model.

With this new version of VT-Platform we can add new colors to which we can assign a specific category. We are going to select the color green and assign the category “EXECUTED” to it. Now we select this color and we press on the elements that we want to mark as executed.  

The color of the elements will change immediately to green and this information will synchronize both in web and Virtual Reality in real time. 

Change color tool in VT-Platform

Establishment of the category “executed” to the color green


Change color tool in VT-Platform

Update of the elements as “executed”

One the certification is completed, we proceed to open the notes tool and check that our project manager, who is in the office, has left us a note categorized as urgent (in red). We open it and in it we read “Comprobar altura del interruptor”(Cheek switch height) 

Notes tool in VT-Platform

Urgent note consultation which reads “Check switch height”.

 To check the height of the switch, we are going to open the measure tool. We proceed to make a perpendicular measure form the switch to the floor. We can see in the following image that it measures 1.05m 

Let’s remember that the BIM model is superimposed on the physical space, which allow us to make comparisons between the digital model and the construction site reality. 

Now we select the model browser tool, that allow us to filter and hide elements by categories. We proceed to hide the columns and walls so we leave only the switch. In this way, we can: not only measure the distance between elements, but also, compare if it matches with the BIM model. 

In the next image we see this clearly: 

Measure tool in VT-Platform

Checking the height at which the switch is placed with the measure tool

 Now that we have the exact measure and we have checked that the switch doesn’t match with the BIM model, we proceed to notified it. We open once again the notes tool and we write in the note’s description: “Altura 1.05. Corregir altura interruptor, ajustar a proyecto” (Height 1.05. Correct height of switch, adjust to the project)

In this way, our project manager will see and access to that same note on the same element of the BIM model in real time form the office through Virtual Reality or web, Resulting in a direct communication without frictions between the person in the office and the person that is located in the site.

notes tool in VT-Platform

Creation of a new note in which we write “Height 1.05. Correct height of switch, adjust to the project”

Finally, and to complete the workflow we are carrying out on site, we are going to use the BIM info tool. 

Thanks to this update, we can access in VT-Platform to the presets (Property Set) of the elements of the BIM model so we can work with the information we are interested in.   

To do this, we create from the modelling software a preset called “VT-Platform_Pset” with its respective parameters. In this way we can edit its content from web, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and regardless of where we update the data from, they will be synchronized in all interfaces in real time.  

Let’s go back to the imagination exercise.   

We continue on site and proceed to open the BIM info tool. If we tap the switch on the screen of our tablet, we will see all the presets and parameters associated with it.  

We choose ”VT-Platform_Pset” to see the parameters it contains and edit its content.  In this case, we see that it contains a check parameter and a content parameter for the date. As we have created this preset to certify, we will tap on the check to set the object as executed and record the date in the next parameter.   

This information is synchronized in real time also in web and Virtual Reality, so we save time, working directly on the BIM model.

BIM information tool in VT-Platform

Edition and update of the parameters that contain “VT-Platform Pset”


This is a simple example for you to know the some of the workflows that you can carry out with VT-Platform on site, but the possibilities are many depending of the necessity and the concrete workflow that you pretend to resolve (certifications, site follow up, digital stakeouts…) 

Following up, we listed you the new developments included in this last actualization: 


  • BIM information tool actualization: possibility to choose and filter the model information that you want to be displayed in AR, VR and web, as well as to edit the parameters of “VT-Platform_Pset”
  • The possibility to create and modify anchors form VT-Platform web, AR and VR 
  • Habilitation of DDF (Digital Data Flow) in the change color tool: possibility to change the color of an element, to assign a category to it and the possibility of that data to update in real time in VT-Platform web, AR and VR. 
  • New functionalities in the measure tool: new interface and the possibility to measure angles and areas 
  • Incorporation of the map tool to know the location of the digital anchors 
  • Incorporation of the settings menu  
  • Creation of the level tool in Augmented Reality   

On the occasion of this update, when you sign in the VT-Platform STANDARD Plan (free plan), you will have access for 1 month to the PROFESSIONAL Plan free of charge* You will find a sample project and a sample BIM model so that you can start experiencing all the possibilities offered by VT-Platform.

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*Once the free access to the Professional plan is finish, you will go back to be a STANDARD plan user

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