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VT-LabNewsLeave text marks in the scene easily in VT-Platform
17 September, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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In the last version of the platform, we have tried to enhance the communication component between the users of the same project, this is why we have developed a serie of tools to help to leave notes, or indications to other users. Among them we can highlight three: the audio marks, the drawings, and the text marks.

text marks

Today we are gonna talk about the last one, the text marks:

Through this new tool, we can place text marks, accompanied by icons in the scene.

To do this, we follow the next steps:

At first, through voice recognition we transcribe what the user says, to text. We have created this process to avoid writing in virtual reality, because it is complex and takes too much time.

Immediately after having the text already prepared, we can select the Icon and the color of the mark, because it is not the same a green circle as a red one, also we encourage the reason to place it.

For the time being, only four icons will be available: a circle, a cross, and two arrows, indicating above and left, but for the future we are developing to place custom marks, so users will be able to upload their own icon to the project and place it on the scene.

The available colors are three in this phase: red, yellow and green, enough to leave simple marks, but in the future we will introduce all the colors, to be able to leave marks with more complex meanings.

This tool is linked to other marks tipe, such as photographs or audios. In the following versions we can export all this information to tables, to work with them or send it directly to an user …

This is just one of the improvements we are including within our BIM platform and virtual reality. If you are interested in being one of our testers for free, contact us.

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