At VT-Lab we are specialist in the combination of the BIM methodology with Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies.

In this way, we link the visual potential and the source of digital information contained in 3D geometric models or BIM models, with the visual capabilities offered by augmented and virtual realities.

The advantages that both of this technologies offer allow us to develop productivity solutions that make it possible to extract te full the potential of BIM models, to carry out workflows and work processes in the most efficient way possible.

We are qualified to develop successfully any project

The team

Iván Gómez
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Alberto Yagúe
Managing Director

Guillermo Sánchez
Chief Designer & Head of UX and UI

Rafael Palos
Technical Director & Head of BIM Department

Hugo Martínez
Head of Web Development Department

Camila Barrantes
Chief Marketing Officer & Product Manager

Joaquin Sánchez
Head of AR/VR department

Laura Jimenez
Head of Administration Department

Victoria Gutierrez
Marketing Manager

Daniel Madrid
BIM specialist

Mario Montaña
VR / AR Developer

Fernando Camporredondo
FrontEnd Developer

Dario Scanzani
FrontEnd Developer

Alba Valera
FrontEnd Developer

Francisco Gómez
BackEnd Developer

Our vision and mission

Became the company that makes possible the Metaverse in the AEC sector through solutions based in the integration of BIM models in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Allowing to carry out work processes and workflows in an efficient way, improving the communication between the field and office agents, and in consequence increasing the productivity.

Develop digital productivity tools that allow linking the physical world with the digital world through the unification of BIM with Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Enabling any field/site and office worker to visualize, interact and work with BIM models from anywhere and from any device, in an easy and intuituive way

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