Summary from LEAP keynote – What are the main developments of Magic Leap

VT-LabBIM/VR/AR contentSummary from LEAP keynote – What are the main developments of Magic Leap
18 October, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In BIM/VR/AR content No Comments
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The LEAP keynote for developers of Magic Leap took place on the 10th October in USA.

leap keynote

Rony Abovitz, (CEO of Magic Leap), John Gaeta (SVP of Creative Strategy) and Neal Stephenson (Chief Futurist) announced some new projects as their first steps in this world.

They explained and introduced us the magicverse concept, which is based on the idea of the different layers that compose our reality.

Abovitz brought forward a software roadmap overview about the main developments that are going to be implemented in the next months.

leap keynote 2018

This are some of them:

6DoF for the two controllers, the video streaming technology MPEG-DASH, the iris recognition login, the MagicSript language (is a new language based on JavaScript and will allows to work and create apps without the need of use Unreal or Unity, and will work on LuminOS), the Avatar Chat (a three people chat that we will be able to personalize) and the objects recognition framework.

Other are some as:

A new version of Project Create 1.2, that will allow us to interact with characters in our real world.

Goat Labs Developer Samples: new testing apps for developers.

The distribution of Magic Leap One in other countries. Nowadays the HMD is only available in USA.

Independent Creator Program and Award Program: it consist in a support programme that will endorse some innovation projects with hardware and finance.

They will also make a hackathon in San Francisco on November.

For now we have to wait to see if they comply with all they have announced, but it seems they have big projects in mind.

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