Design and Planning

Better understand the dimension and scope of your project thanks to the 3D visualization of the BIM model from any device and through any interface. Digitally experience the design, test and make changes before completing the final design and visualize it directly as if it were real.

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Construction and Manufacturing

Get to know all the possibilities offered by Building and Manufacturing Solutions, and form part of Construction 4.0. Working with your model’s Digital Twin will allow you to have the necessary information in the right place and the right context.

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Operation and Maintenance

Performs maintenance and asset management. Draws up emergency plans or virtual guides and trainings thanks to the cyber-physical duality generated by the Management and Maintenance Solutions.

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Smart Site

Welcome to the advanced services.
The duality of spaces (cyber-physical spaces) opens an endless number of possibilities in the AEC sector

where visualization technologies such as virtual reality or augmented reality allow the convergence between data, products, machines and people.

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