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Site execution


The application of virtual and augmented reality in the execution phase makes it possible to interact with the BIM model and carry out work processes more efficiently, reducing time and costs

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Access in the field to model information when needed, at the right time and in the right context


Superimposition of the BIM model on the construction site with a simple mobile device


Visual identification of the exact location on the construction site where to solve an incident or perform a specific cut


Updating of the execution status of pending rework instantly from the construction site with respect to the 3D model


Detects and solves interference or problems in complex areas visually and interactively


Keep all workers informed of protocols or warnings visually and instantly

Get started in VR and AR in just three steps

Step 1

Upload your BIM model (IFC)

Step 2

Manage your model through the web BIM viewer

Step 3

Visualize and work on your model in VR and AR

Use Cases

Digitally stake out and mark levels

Carry out stakeouts and mark levels digitally through a simple cell phone or tablet with AR using digital anchors, leaving aside the stakes, string and tape measure and replacing inaccurate tools such as plumb line or water level.

Solves complex collisions in an immersive manner (clash detection)

Visualize MEP interferences spatially in the field or office, quickly and interactively, and work with troubleshooters collaboratively and immersively.

On-site certification on the 3D model

It performs the certification control in VR in an immersive way, allowing a more exhaustive control at a visual level. It certifies directly during the site visit ”touching” on the BIM model. The collected data will be instantly updated in the centralized database.

Notifies incidents digitally

Reduce rework and communication gaps, place issues directly on the model both on site and in the office. Anticipate problems by resolving them in real time with the office.

Controls and monitors the progress of the work visually and digitally

CControl the progress of the work remotely by directly immersing the BIM model in virtual reality at 1:1 scale. Modify or verify the progress in AR and synchronize the modifications in real time with the office.

Digital checklist for on-site reviews

Review the end of the work and spatially validate the rework before delivery knowing where each one is located in the field.

Other fields
of application

Design and planification

Fabrication and distribution

Industrialized construction

Operation and maintenance

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