Screenshot in scene, another useful tool available in VT-Platform

VT-LabNewsScreenshot in scene, another useful tool available in VT-Platform
10 September, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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Virtual reality is a field based on the visual world, and in our platform which is based on virtual reality, it was necessary to create a function to export this visual world abroad. This is how the screenshot tool born; a tool that allows you to take pictures within the application, and export them to your computer’s desktop.


Screenshot tool consists of two parts:

The first one, in which a view of the capture´s sessions is shown, and the second one, which is the capture system with which to take the photographs.With the visualizer, in addition to managing the photographs, delete, send and view the captured images, you can leave a mark in the scene with the photograph, and combining it with other tools such as drawing, text marks or audio marks, leaving completely visual marks or steps through photos or drawings.

These visual marks remain permanently in the scene(,until we delete them), and allow others to understand the project, or make changes in it.

On the other hand, the photo-taking system allows us, in the left-hand control, to view a screen in order to focus and frame the photograph, take the photo or retry it, and then save it in the viewer.

Today, the photograph is sent to the desktop, but in future versions, it will be sent through a specific email, accompanied by a text as explanation.

This function allows fast and quick reviews, being able to create lists of errors, facilitating, for example, the detection of clash detections.

In addition, these new functions ease communication between the different agents of the work, opening a new way of rapid, simple and visual communication between them.

If you are interested on improving communication and the flow of information among your workers, try the new version of VT-Platform.

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