Scope box – A usefull tool that you can use in VT-Platform

VT-LabNewsScope box – A usefull tool that you can use in VT-Platform
30 July, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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From our beginnings, in VT-Lab we have work with BIM methodologies formats, and with the Revit platform among others. Since we started to integrate BIM models in virtual reality we have been searching for ways to develop and improve the same tools and capabilities that these programs offer us, adapting them to virtual and augmented reality.

VT-Platform tool

In this moment we have started that way, developing a useful tool for all VT-Platform users.

Today we are going to introduce you the scope box tool. This tool allows you to hide parts of your BIM model. In this way, you can visualize other sections of your BIM model that you could not have before or clean the model of unnecessary objects that can obstruct the vision.

Scope box tool allow you to divide them into rooms, to later configure them easily, and avoid possible design errors in the future.

This tool can be found in programs such as Revit, or Bentley, being one of the basic navigation tools in themselves.

This development has involved an effort, at programming and design levels as this tool has involved the adaptation of a 2d tool to a 3d format, creating a simple language that the user could understand.

For this purpose we have tried to make the handling of the tool as intuitive as possible.

VT-Platform tool

In this way you are able to make cross sections with a straight plane in the right hand and fixing them with a single button.

Currently we have been able to create cuts with straight planes, and inclinate them. We are developing cube cross sections, which allow us to isolate areas of the model to work on them.

We are studying too to create free form cross sections, having sections that could adapt to the necessities of the user.

This is just one of the tools we are developing, which we can frame in visualization tools, but at the same time we are creating tools for checking, situation, notes, communication…

All these tools could be found soon in our products, and in the new version of the platform that we are preparing.


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