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26 July, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In BIM/VR/AR content No Comments
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How can the visualization of point clouds in virtual reality help us? When we talk about BIM projects they do not always have to be new constructions, sometimes, for certain jobs or simply to digitize the asset for future tasks we carry out the modeling of the building in BIM.


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For this we can use 2D plans, digital or not, with which we run the risk of not having the final plans and drag the possible measurement errors; or else use technology.

The fastest and easiest way to have a “digital copy” of the asset is to perform a scan. Thanks to which, in a short time we will obtain an exact copy in 3 dimensions of the area and from which we can, from different softwares start to model it.

As usual, from VT-Lab we focus on creating solutions that help perform all tasks related to the construction industry and that are related to BIM. In this case, being able to visualize the point clouds obtained from a Virtual Reality scan helps us to see and understand the spaces in a more immersive way.

Interactions with the model  thanks to the visualization of point clouds through Virtual Reality


point clouds VR

If the purpose of the scan is to obtain the BIM model, thanks to the visualization of point clouds through Virtual Reality HMD we have a large number of options that will help us in that task.

From making measurements directly on the cloud to making comparisons with our BIM model, being able to check on it the possible modeling errors or details that had been overlooked on the 2D screen.

In addition, thanks to the implementation of some tools developed for Virtual Reality, we will be able to visualize the works in a collaborative way, having the possibility to generate warnings and model revision marks, make changes or update the model in real time to review the modifications. And other more basic such as scaling the model or making sections on it.

In short, the digitization of assets through point clouds is another of the processes in which Virtual Reality helps us to visualize and manage our projects in BIM.


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