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Users: 3
Projects: 5
Models: 5
Max file size: 100Mb

APP AR Android: Yes
APP VR Meta Quest 2/Pro: Yes

Digital Data Flow (DDF): No*
Data exportation: No

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Users: 3
Projects: 5
Max file size: 200Mb

APP AR Android: Yes
APP VR Meta Quest 2/Pro: Yes

Digital Data Flow (DDF): Yes
Data exportation: Yes




Custom solutions based in VT-Platform according to your project and needs.

Integration via API
Multiuser access
Corporative identity customized to your company

API modifications
from 20.000€

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Which type of files are compatible with VT-Platform?

IFC 2×3 

How do you place the BIM model on the reality with Augmented Reality (AR)?

Thanks to our system of digital anchors, which can be placed from the VT-Platform BIM web viewer or the Virtual and Augmented Reality applications.

When you access VT-Platform in Augmented Reality with a mobile device or tablet, the digital anchor associated with the model will appear for you to place it on the exact point where it should be located.

In this way, the BIM model will exactly meet the physical space.

What is the Digital Data Flow?

The digital data flow is based on the synchronization and saving of data generated on a BIM model or point cloud, simultaneously on any device (web, Virtual or Augmented Reality).

VT-Platform makes possible to work on the BIM model both in Virtual, Augmented Reality and on web, and to generate contextualized data easily from anywhere, on-site or in the office. All the information is hosted in the cloud and, therefore, it is possible to access it in real time and from any VR, AR or web device. 

Which Augmented and Virtual Reality devices are compatible with VT-Platform?

Augmented Reality is available on any mobile device and tablet, both Android and iOS, that has AR technology. It is also available for Microsoft HoloLens 2 glasses through the Enterprise solution

Virtual Reality is available for the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro glasses

How precise is it to work with Augmented Reality on site?

The platform is available for all devices with AR technology. The accuracy of working in Augmented Reality with BIM models will be variable depending on the quality or age of the device…

iOS devices provide the highest accuracy due to the incorporation of LiDAR technology in their most recent models. 

What kind of user roles exist today in VT-Platform?

In VT-Platform there are administrator and standard user roles.

The administrator is responsible for managing the team, sending invitations for other users to access the company’s projects

The user, once invited to a project, can access all the projects and their respective BIM models to visualize and work with them in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Web. 

Can VT-Platform be connected or integrated with other company systems?

The answer is yes. In our Enterprise solutions we offer the connection of VT-Platform with other systems through our API.

VT-Platform could serve systems such as budgeting software, GMAOs, SCADAs, ERPs, BIM360…