Operation and maintenance

VT-LabOperation and maintenance

Operation and maintenance


Interact and work through Virtual and Augmented Reality with the BIM model and perform operation and maintenance work efficiently, easily and interactively

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Trazado 916@2x



Access to the asset’s BIM model information when needed and in the appropriate context


Superimposition of the BIM model on the real space with a simple cell phone


Real-time communication of the status of the operations performed on the BIM model during the execution of the work process


Guide the team on site, communicating easily and on the BIM model, the location where they should carry out their work


Keep all workers informed of protocols or warnings visually and instantaneously


Real-time inventory and stock of the assets

Get started in VR and AR in just three steps

Step 1

Upload your BIM model (IFC)

Step 2

Manage your model through the web BIM viewer

Step 3

Visualize and work on your model in VR and AR

Use Cases

Virtual asset tracking

Conduct virtual tours and know the status of assets remotely and in real time

Interactive and visual asset management

Connect VT-Platform to any management system used by your company (CMMS, ERP, SCADA…) and control your assets remotely and visually on your BIM model.

Scheduling of maintenance operations

Communicates in real time and on the BIM model in augmented reality, which operations should be undertaken in a specific period, registering the associated information after the actions

Immersive and interactive simulation of evacuation of workers

Allows the training of the evacuation process online or on-site, in the real space or immersively in the office

Controls and advises each worker on site of the obligations with respect to the HASP

(Health and Safety Plan)
Effectively implements the Health and Safety plan during the execution of works on site

Spatial and collaborative collision solution

Visualizes BIM model interferences spatially and works with stakeholders collaboratively and immersively in real time during maintenance operations

Virtual on-site training

Guide your work team and reduce learning time during the development of the operation, even being able to train them before starting to work in the field

Other fields
of application

Design and planification

Site execution

Fabrication and distribution

Industrialized construction

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