What’s new in the new version of VT-Platform? Discover all updates

VT-LabNewsWhat’s new in the new version of VT-Platform? Discover all updates
25 October, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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The new version of VT-Platform is going to be presented soon. VT-Platform is a web platform that offers solutions that integrate BIM, VR and AR. Thanks to it, you will enjoy your model geometry in 3D, and access to all the information that compose it.

The platform allows you to interact with the real world communicating with the BIM model directly from the construction site, thanks to the creation of cyber-physical spaces.

Is a form of improvement in terms of communication between people, facilitating the visualization of projects and their management.

new version of VT-Platform

We have published recent posts about the new tools that we have implement in VT-Platform with which we can interact in new ways with the model.

Here we make a compilation of all of them and tell you the main characteristics of each one:

Scope Box. This tool is a visualization tool that allows you to hide parts of your BIM model.

In this way, you can visualize other sections of your model that you could not have before or clean the model of unnecessary objects that can obstruct the vision.

Listing Tool lets you to select a certain object of the model and know useful information about it such as its exact location, what objects form it or hide if needed.

VT-Platform also allows you to change materials easily helping us to get an idea of how the model will be once built.

We believe that measurements tool is a essential tool in the world of architecture, so that, we have implement this tool in the new version of VT-Platform, that allows you to visualize the models in scale 1:1, as they will be seen in reality, and we measure real spaces, not on scale models, giving us accurate measurements (that we can visualize in a 1:1 scale).

VT-Platform also allows us to visualize the information in a simple and fast way: bim objects information tool. Through the visualizer, when an object of the scene is selected, we access the database, being able to see the information of it on the screen and compare the information between different objects.

Information tool is connected to the list tool, because it is very important to relate the selected object with the rest of them in the scene.

Would you like to take a picture of a scene? You can use a tool that allows you to take pictures within the application, and export them to your computer’s desktop.

Through voice recognition we transcribe what the user says, to text, leaving a text mark. We have created this process to avoid writing in virtual reality, because it is complex and takes too much time.

Creating an audio mark is the most obvious step because it simplifies communications in the events that needs a long explanation.

This tool we have developed have the ability to work with any computer microphone. In addition, some HMD such as HTC VIVE already have a microphone.

Location map tool allows to know both, the user who is in VR and the people who watch from outside, the exact situation of the virtual reality user, making it easier to locate the problems within the model.

new version

Of course, we maintain the tools that we had in the past version such us flashlight or fly, option that is useful for example to completely visualize a building.

All of these functions in the new version of VT-Platform ease communication between the different agents of the work, opening a new way of rapid, simple and visual communication between them.

We are still working in new developments to implement in the platform and to offer the best service to the users.

Be on the lookout for new post on the blog to know all the improvements in which we are working. If you want to know more, contact us. 

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