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13 January, 2020 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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At VT-Lab we are aware that visual identity is a very important part of a brand. It must be consistent with the brand’s personality, values and with what the brand is and represents. 

Therefore, and after maturing as a company, we believe that we are at the right time to take the step towards a new brand identity that represents our vision and mission, reflecting our objectives and those of our customers.

In this new step forward we believe that the logo has to be the insignia that represents our way of thinking and acting, so today we present the rebranding that will accompany us from now on and with which we feel identified.

New logo VT-Lab


A brand image for a digital ecosystem


A renewed brand image, modern and technological, for a renewed digital ecosystem.

The logo integrates and adapts perfectly to each of our channels, configuring a new solid and coherent digital ecosystem.

ecosistema nueva imagen corporativa vt-lab

We start the year by fulfilling one of our goals for 2020. We continue to work with enthusiasm to fulfill the rest.

Work in digital and real world as just one. 

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