Mundos Digitales 2018 – Review of the event

VT-LabNewsMundos Digitales 2018 – Review of the event
12 July, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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From the 5th to the 7th of June we attend, as listeners and to give a talk, to the biggest international event of animation and special effects, Mundos Digitales in A Coruña. As expected, the fair brought great advances in these two sectors, along with new functions in the world of virtual reality.



These are the main topics that we discussed at the event:

RayTracing and AI: Thanks to Juan Cañada and Unreal Engine, we discovered how the world of Raytracing will replace the traditional raster in real-time systems in the following years.

This technology has been applying in the world of static rendering, and thanks to Nvidia’s advances in the field of graphic processing, it is beginning to be applied to real time renders, but, what advantages does it give us?

The Raytracing is a rendering system that throws rays from the camera or from the lights in order to capture in the screen the rebound of these rays.

This, with the new denoising system that Nvidia has developed, allows us to forget the number of polygons, because it’s rendered only what the camera sees, not what is behind the objects.

This new system also changes the way of texturing because now the most part of the details are modeled, instead of falsifying them with textures. But, where does Artificial Intelligence enter into this equation?

Thanks to AI, denoising systems become much faster, because they are able to change the denoise of each frame according to the previous frame, learning from the conditions in which it was rendered. All this is explained much better in our post about Raytracing.

Carlos Baena: The Animator presented us his latest project, an animation short titled “La Noria”, and the pipeline he is using for this.

The Teaser of the short promises a lot because after his departure from Pixar, Carlos has directed his career to his personal tastes, giving a darker style to his latest works.

With “La Noria” Carlos present “Artella”, a platform that, as a pipeline, give us the opportunity to work remotely with market tools such as Maya or Nuke, in a much more efficient and collaborative way, allowing artists to work from different countries, in their houses, sharing material and creating meetings.

Vt-Lab talk: During our talk at the event we tried to zoom in the world of architecture and virtual reality, making an impression on the way the industry is changing.



The talk was a success, with a large audience. We must make a special mention to Santiago Rivera at Mundos Digitales, a previous speaker, who introduced us to the world of BIM and what means to work for very large companies, with different clients from what the most part of the public usually work.

El Ranchito: it showed us how the famous dragons’ scene of “Game of Thrones” was made, we must make a special emphasis on the meticulousness with which the scene is elaborated, highlighting details such as precision of evaporation of water are recreated.

It is necessary to emphasize the great work that El Ranchito realized, in this and other scenes of “Game of Thrones” and the great professionals that they are.

In addition to these topics, many more were treated, from small independents productions, to workshops, or how great special effects were created in productions such as Pacific Rim: Uprising.


If you want to know more about the last event in which we have participated, click on this link.


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