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27 August, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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In the process of updating VT-Platform, we started with the basic tools. Which one is the most essential in the world of architecture? Measurements. It’s for this reason why we have decided to create a measurement tool in Virtual and Augmented Reality, which work with (measure) your BIM model in real time.


What does measurements tool give us?

All our BIM models come from BIM design programs that are developed in 2D screens, which makes it difficult to understand the measurements, because in 2D we see it in scale. The perspectives can deceive us, complicating the understanding of (making difficult to understand clearly) what they mean.

With this new tool this barrier disappears, because we visualize the models in scale 1:1, as they will be seen in reality, and we measure real spaces, not on scale models, giving us accurate measurements (that we can visualize in a 1:1 scale).

Besides the own development of the tool, we have tried to improve the versions that already exist in other applications. We have discovered that the greatest/main problem of these tools is the difficulty of measuring, because they allow the free measurement, making it harder, for example, to create parallel lines on the ground as we can easily place the initial and the final points at different heights.

This creates a small drift up or down in the measurement, resulting in errors. Our tool solves this problem with two modes, free mode and guided mode:

The guided mode only allows us to create measurement lines with respect to 90 degree angles, so the drift is corrected and it becomes impossible to fail in the measurement.

However, we are also aware that sometimes the measurement has to be done in a way that escapes 90 degrees, that is why we have created a free mode, without restrictions, that allows us to measure without creating perpendicular lines.

In both cases, when placing the two measurement points, the number appears between both, in addition to a line that indicates the distance that we have measured. This measurement can be visualized in meters as well as inches.

Another important point in the tool is the precision it gives us, we have developed a system that gives us up to two decimals in the measurement, with a minimum difference (less than one centimeter) with respect to the original.

In a future version of the platform, we are developing the possibility of measuring further, being able to measure volumes, like cubes or cylinders, surfaces, etc. These new functions will give us a new vision of the spaces, being able to instantly know, for example, the volume of air that a pipe can displace, in the case of an air conditioner.

You can enjoy this tool in the new version of VT-Platform. If you are interested in some information contact us



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