Magic Leap, last news about the great unknown in a virtual reality world

VT-LabBIM/VR/AR contentMagic Leap, last news about the great unknown in a virtual reality world
16 July, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In BIM/VR/AR content No Comments
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It is on everyone’s lips and in VT-LAB we have hardly mentioned them. The truth is that, like the public, we look forward to test them one day, but until now we know very little about Magic Leap.

magic leap


It is known that the company started in 2010 with Rony Abovitz


Rony Abovitz himself is a mystery, it isn’t easy to see him in the media and less granting interviews. Among his few appearances, we have watched the interview he did for Wall Street Journal, in which he said Magic Leap will not depend on a PC or Smartphone because it will have its own operating system.

He also clarified that the device will be compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine, a statement that fills us with enthusiasm.

The company really began to generate excitement in 2014, when two giants: Google and Qualcomm, invested 542 million dollars in Magic Leap.

From here, different companies started investing in Magic Leap too, until reaching a total investment in 2016 that was worth more than 1,400 million dollars.

In just 2 years the initial project of Abovitz is already a giant for those who bet the technological giants. In February 2017, just over a year, it is estimated that the value of the company is 4,500 million dollars.

All this without having a device because until then, the only things we could see are videos of what they could do, yes, technology apparently seems a total change in the world of Augmented Reality.

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Investment without device, demo or prototype came up with endless rumors, generating great uncertainty among its investors.

This forced to show the device, and they did it in a big way, next to the NBA and with the glasses on Shaquille O’Neal’s head, who apparently was impressed with what he saw, since nobody else could see what they showed through the device.

There is different information of what makes Magic Leap really special. What we know so far is that it works through an optical system that creates the illusion of depth so that our brain process what the eyes see as natural and focuses on it as one more element of the environment.

Recently Shanna De lullis, who’s part of the marketing team of Magic Leap, showed a bit the characteristics of the device

We could see how they turned the device on, or at least that’s what they gave us to understand, as we could only see a green LED turning on.

Again a lot of expectation, but nothing was shown of what the device is capable of doing.

What Shanna’s explained is that they will come in two sizes and with a front piece and several others for the nose so that an optimal adjustment can be obtained.

For people who use glasses we don’t have good news, unlike Hololens, this users can only see through the glasses correctly if they ask for specific lenses to Magic Leap.

We have not discussed the price of the device because it is another unknown fact, there are sources that speak of a fork between 1,000$ and 1,200$ and others claim the device will be around the 2,000$.

The video they have shown has captivated us with all the possibilities they can offer.

It seems we have recent news: since last week, Magic Leap’s aumented reality headset have a release date (this summer).  

We are expecting!

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