Location map tool in VT-Platform. Why is useful?

VT-LabNewsLocation map tool in VT-Platform. Why is useful?
8 October, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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In VT-Lab we conceive the work in virtual reality as a support, a way to improve the evolution of the construction and design. For this reason VT-Platform is a form of improvement in terms of communication between people, facilitating the visualization of projects and their management.

location map tool

Taking this rule as a premise, we have created the localization map tool, because being located within a big model is very important.

This tool allows to know both, the user who is in VR and the people who watch from outside, the exact situation of the virtual reality user, making it easier to locate the problems within the model.

Location map tool is composed of two parts:

On the one hand, observers have a map on screen that places the user of virtual reality in the model at all times, facilitating the location.

On the other hand, the VR user has a specific tool, with which in addition to viewing the same map that appears on the screen, it is capable of handling it, being able to zoom in or out on the map depending on the needs.

In addition to these functions, both have the function of placing themselves at the beginning of the scene with a button. This function is a shortcut that allows us to move faster, being very useful in large scenes.

As a last utility, we have to speak about how useful is the tool when showing the model to a client, because without having to be inside the scene, we know at all times what the client is seeing, and we can relocate him or her in the scene, avoiding, bad sensations that could ruin an experience.

Location map tool and other tools will be available in a short time in our new alpha version of VT-Platform. Are you interested in it? Please contact us.

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