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6 August, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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Today, let’s talk about our listing tool. This tool allows you to select a certain object of the model and know useful information about it such as its exact location, what objects form it, or hide if needed.

listing tool

Usually, when working with a BIM model, this is composed of many objects and, if we want to work  with a particular item, it could be difficult because we can’t find it due to we are not familiar with the model.

For this reason, the need to have a listing tool with all the items of the model arises.

But, knowing that an object exist isn’t enough if our model is formed of hundreds items. We need to know where the object is located. For it, our tool allows you, selecting the item in the list, to move just in front of the desired object. Besides the item will be highlighted to let you know what object you selected at all times. This is useful if you’re moving around the model and you want to go back to the element.

Other times you might be interested in knowing what elements form an item. In this case, you can list its components. These, like the rest of the objects of the model, can be selected, hidden or, if they are formed by smaller pieces, you can inspect their components.

Until now we talked about selecting an item to work with it. But, maybe, you want to select it to the contrary, hide it because, for example, you can’t see other object that is just behind it. In this case, you can push the button with the eye icon to hide it out. Besides, you have a list only with hidden items to show them when you want with a quick search.

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