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Industrialized construction


The implementation of Augmented and Virtual Reality in industrialized construction allows to extract the full potential of BIM models and to realize a collaborative and parametric design for all phases of design, manufacturing, logistics and assembly.

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Facilitates the development of procedures and the verification of their compliance

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Superimposing the BIM model on the real space with a simple cell phone

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Processes performed can be traceable and editable

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Visual identification of the exact location on the site where to solve an incident or perform a specific task

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Update of the execution status or review of the work progress on site instantly

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Guides the team on site, easily communicating the location where each element goes

Get started in VR and AR in just three steps

Step 1

Upload your BIM model (IFC)

Step 2

Manage your model through the web BIM viewer

Step 3

Visualize and work on your model in VR and AR

Use cases

Immersive and interactive virtual product catalog/platform (Kit of parts)

Enable remote and immersive access to BIM models of your products to allow customers to configure part of the design according to available sales specifications.

Perform simulations to check manufacturing, assembly and logistics

Visually check the design to determine how to fabricate, assemble, transport or store all the elements that make up the project.

Virtual assembly/assembly in the factory and in the field

Link the BIM model and know exactly where to place each element that makes up the work in factory and field, even performing tests prior to execution.

Design and model virtually collaboratively among all stakeholders

Early, continuous, collaborative and digital integration with all stakeholders from minute one. Enter the model together with your design team and operate in an immersive and collaborative way.

Spatial control of the elements to be assembled

It controls remotely and in real time the stock on site or in the factory and locates exactly where each element is located in the stocking or storage area.

Other fields
of application

Design and planification

Site execution

Fabrication and distribution

Operation and maintenance

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