Copper’, the next HP headset and our experience with HP devices

VT-LabBIM/VR/AR contentCopper’, the next HP headset and our experience with HP devices
28 February, 2019 Posted by VT-Lab In BIM/VR/AR content No Comments
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Inside of the wide gamma of all HP devices, in 2017 HP introduced their first Mixed Reality glasses. Now, the company is preparing to go further in this segment with the launch of their new Mixed Reality headset.

hp devices copper
Model without textures of the new HMD by HP

It consist in a new set of mixed reality HMD, with which the company wants to raise the quality and comfort to a next level, transforming the interacting experience of the user.

HP wants to position this headset as a professional product that will be included inside of a package of solutions of Z serie by HP, although it can be bought by consumers and enterprises as well.

We don’t know yet when they will be available and how much they will cost, but for now the company has reveal that they will be known by “Copper”, and they will have a clear screen with a high density of pixels and a resolution of 2,160 x 2,160 per eye, higher than the 1,440 x 1,440 of the previous version.

We will be aware of the launch of the new HP HMD to tell you all the news and characteristics.

HP has a good gamma of products, and as a partner, in VT-Lab we have already worked in our projects with several HP devices with which we are satisfied.

hp devices

The current HP Windows Mixed Reality HMD, works with the Mixed Reality system of Windows. As we have said previously, they have a native resolution of 1440 x 1440 px per eye, with 2,89 inches of screen size. We have used this HMD in many occasions before in some projects and also during Construtec 2018, (the european event that took place in Madrid and is reference to the AECO solutions).

As we have said in previous posts, the gaming PC OMEN is another HP device with which we have worked in VT-Lab. It  is equipped with a potent hardware and very good characteristics to enjoy a high quality VR experience and that you can check here.

The rest of the devices overcome our expectatives and helps us to work efficiently in our projects, as we always work to provide the best productivity and efficiently solutions to our clients.

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