BIM+AR/VR productivity solutions

Thanks to VT-Platform you will be able to work on your BIM models in augmented reality, virtual reality and web in a collaborative, easy and comprehensive way for everyone.

How can you achive it?

Thanks to VT-Platform

VT-Platform is a platform that not only makes it possible to visualize BIM models in Virtual and augmented reality, but it also allows you to work directly on them in real time thanks to our digital productivity tools.

What VT-Platform offers you?

These are the functionalities

BIM in Augmented Reality

  • Bring BIM models to the field and work directly on them, superimposing them on the real space on a 1:1 scale.
  • Visualize your BIM model from anywhere you are in mock-up mode.

BIM in Virtual Reality

  • Work with your BIM models immersively in virtual reality, submersing yourself inside them on a 1:1 scale.

BIM on web

  • Manage your BIM models from your web browser and visualize them in the web BIM viewer.


Different use cases for all the life cycle phases

One platform, many use cases

Interact and work in real time in VR and AR on your BIM model to organise and review the project in an immersive environment. Improves and simplifies coordination.

Use cases

The application of virtual and augmented reality in the execution phase allows to bring BIM models to the construction site and superimpose them on the real space to carry out work processes in a more efficient way, reducing time and costs.

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Extract the full potential of the BIM models of your products through virtual and augmented reality. Make your market implementation more efficient by creating a virtual catalog that allows you to place BIM models in the field and keep track of stock in real time.

Use cases

Carry out and manage maintenance and operation works on the BIM model in a efficient, simple and interactive way thanks to virtual and augmented reality.

Use cases

The implementation of augmented and virtual reality in industrialized construction allows to extract the full potential of BIM models and to perform a collaborative and parametric design for all phases: design, manufacturing, logistics and assembly.

Use cases

What our clients say about us.

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VT-Platform is synonymous with innovation, business cooperation, end-user focus and pragmatism. Thanks to its functionalities, we can optimize everyday tasks with a simple and intuitive level of access to information.

David Barco - Berrilan CTO

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VT-Platform allows us to make available for technical expertise the easy use of BIM models to be able to overlap them with physical reality through AR, or in an immersive way through VR, all on the web platform and from a simple cell phone.

Pablo Cordero - Wisebuild CEO

How to start?

Start using VT-Platform in only 3 simple steps


Upload your BIM model in VT-Platform


Manage your model in the web BIM viewer


Work on your BIM model in virtual and augmented reality



Book a Live Demo with us

You can try VT-Platform for free or you can also request a 20-minute Live Demo and discover the potential of our platform together with a VT-Lab technician.

Don’t be left with doubts! We recommend that you ask all the questions you may have during this live demo.

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