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The implementation of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the manufacture and distribution of products in the AEC sector, allows to extract the full potential of BIM models of the products, improving the scope and implementation of these products in the market.

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Improved product interpretation with real-time, three-dimensional vision


Updates BIM models in real time to all workers


Check the characteristics of your products in real time so that they meet customer-defined specifications


Sales representatives can show the product in the field and know the stock in real time


Superimpose the BIM model to the real space with a simple cell phone to make technical offers


Controls and monitors the installation status of complex products

Get started in VR and AR in just three steps

Step 1

Upload your BIM model (IFC)

Step 2

Manage your model through the web BIM viewer

Step 3

Visualize and work on your model in VR and AR

Use cases

Virtual and interactive catalog/platform of a virtual product

Enable remote and immersive access to BIM models of your products allowing customers to configure part of the design according to available sales specifications

Virtual and immersive guidance and assistance in the installation of products

Avoids installation misinterpretations and guide-assists virtually in the installation of complex products from any location

Configure solutions from the virtual platform

Enable your customers to configure or compose your products from the web platform and perform feasibility checks from anywhere before purchasing them

Immersive technical product training

Reduce travel and train your team remotely and immersively

Visualizes and spatially revises digital products

Eliminate costs of samples and travel to show products, being able to access them remotely and immersively and improve the interpretation of the products with your customers with a three-dimensional view

Spatial stock control

Remotely control the stock of your products in real time. It allows the presentation of products without having stock of it and at any time and place

Other fields
of application

Design and planification

Site execution

Industialized construction

Operation and maintenance

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