Drawing tool in VT-Platform. We tell you in what consists this tool

VT-LabNewsDrawing tool in VT-Platform. We tell you in what consists this tool
1 October, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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Before releasing the new version of VT-Platform, we were investigating on how our users could use it in the future, and after checking the functions that were useful to them, we realize that sometimes a text mark or audio mark could be short, for this reason we decided to develop a system of drawing on the walls, a drawing tool, which gives us total freedom when communicating errors or problems.

drawing tool

The free drawing tool allows you to leave marks on the surfaces in the form of drawing or text.

It is composed of several parts:

First, we have a system of colors, composedound of six colors with which to paint, to indicate different actions or situations.

To use it, we must point with the right handcontroller to any object in the scene, and press the trigger, through which we draw.

Releasing the trigger, the pointer will stop drawing. This tool in is configurable too, because  allows us to vary the thickness of the brush with which we are drawing.

The second part of the tool consists of a draft that allows us to eliminate the traces that we have drawn on the objects.

In the future we are developing several more functions, such as drawing with textures, being ing able to recreate even objects or changingge the shape of the brush, giving the option to draw users with arrows, circles, etc.

The objective of the tool is the creation of an Architecture tilt brush, a drawing tool that allows us to recreate basic technical drawing functions in virtual reality, and link them to BIM models with the intention of improving errors or creatinge changes.

If you are interested in this type of tools or in VT-Platform, look at this post, and if you want to be one of our testers for free, contact us.

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