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Design and Planning solutions allow you to recreate and better understand a space before it finally exists.

Until now it was very common to design and plan projects on pieces of paper and 2D drawings, which has led to misinterpretations or errors that require changes when the construction is already underway. But, what if you could see any part of your model, walk virtually within it and interact with it before you start building it? 

Better understand the size and scope of your project thanks to the 3D visualization of the BIM model from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone or VR/AR HMD) and through any interface: web viewer, virtual reality or augmented reality. Digitally experience the design, test and make changes before completing the final design and visualize it directly as if it were real.

These solutions also facilitate coordination between all disciplines involved in the project from its initial stages, carrying out better monitoring and control of the project, as well as more dynamic and efficient communication.

Immerse yourself at last in the digital transformation that your company needs and increase even more the potential of your projects.

Perform checks intuitively, both geometrically and data, being able to review your model, design spaces or detect incidents.

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