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9 August, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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Change materials tool allows, when you select an item of a scene in VT-Platform, modify its material.

Nowadays it lets you to change the colour of the objects, but we are developing the possibility of change any material of any object.

This is an useful option because it helps us to get an idea of how the model will be once built, meaning that builders or decorators can cut down costs, the customer can save time and get a better understanding of what he wants and neither of them will be wrong in their choices.

change materials

To change materials in objects can be an useful tool to sellers.

Due to it, they can improve virtual tours which, little by little, are becoming popular. For this reason, times of purchase and sale would be fewer. Besides, this feature could be a powerful tool of marketing because it gives to the seller an image of modernity and innovation, in relation to the competition. It isn’t the same to show a 2D plane instead of an interactive virtual experience.

In conclusion, this tool allows to show aesthetics aspects in a simple way, instead of imagine them, and doing changes in real time.

In future developments, in which we are working on, you will be able to ask the tool to select all items of the same type and change their materials just using your own voice. With this new option you also will be able, for example, to differentiate between water pipes and gas pipes. Of course, all this changes will be saved on our platform. Besides, materials can be modified from VT-Platform or in VT-Platform desktop version, and these changes will appear in our local project.

In our next posts we will tell you all the news about VT-Platform. Don’t miss them!

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