VT-LabBIM methodology

What is the BIM methodology?

The BIM Commission under the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda defines BIM as a collaborative work methodology for the management of building or civil works projects through a digital model.

This digital mockup forms a large database that allows managing the elements that are part of the infrastructure during its entire life cycle.

Why BIM + augmented and virtual reality?

The integration of BIM models in augmented and virtual reality allows us to unite all the visual power and the source of information contained in 3D geometric models or BIM models, to the great visual and interaction capabilities offered by virtual reality technologies.

Get the most from your BIM model thanks to

Virtual reality

Augmented reality

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You don’t have to be a BIM expert

It is not necessary that you have previous knowledge in BIM methodology to re-visualize and interact with the models in augmented and virtual reality. We have developed a free solution easily accessible on the web so that experiencing your models in AR and VR is natural and intuitive, without the need to download any additional heavy and expensive software.

Reach the next level

The vision of the BIM models in augmented and virtual reality enhances all the possibilities that your model has and optimizes its perception by including important aspects such as depth, spatial sensation, perception of the amplitude and the proportion between the different elements, impossible to achieve by working with a BIM model on a computer screen.