Go a step further with your BIM model

Whether you already use BIM methodology or not, we help you to make the most of it and discover new possibilities thanks to virtual and augmented reality. For that, we advise you to know what features your BIM model should have for VR/AR solutions. Reach the next level.

Modelo BIM edificio

Get the most from your BIM model thanks to

Virtual reality

Augmented reality

Digital tools

AEC solutions

Discover all the possibilities

BIM + 360 Viewer

Visualize your BIM model in the 360 BIM viewer easily accessible from your browser. Experience your model in three dimensions and access all data visually and intuitively.

Mockup VT-Platform multidispositivo
Realidad virtual en salón

BIM + Virtual Reality

Extracts all the power of the BIM in an immersive way thanks to virtual reality. Immerse yourself in your model in a completely digital environment, interact and work on it with the specific solutions that we have developed depending on the phase in which you find yourself.

BIM + Augmented Reality

Visualize your BIM model superimposed on the physical space as if it were built and work directly on it. It detects errors and saves time and money thanks to augmented reality.

Realidad aumentada en móvil