BIM objects information tool, also available in VT-Platform

VT-LabNewsBIM objects information tool, also available in VT-Platform
3 September, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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In vt-lab we are experts integrating BIM in virtual reality, 3d models and BIM databases that comes with them. In a platform that do this and other processes automatically, we could not miss a tool that allows us to visualize the information in a simple and fast way: bim objects information tool.

Information tool is based on two parts, the viewer and the actions, both located on a screen in the left hand.

information tool

Through the visualizer, when an object of the scene is selected, we access the database, being able to see the information of it on the screen and compare the information between different objects.

By selecting the object we can also develop different actions, such as hiding it, allowing for example see objects that are covered by others.

Another action is go to the area in which the object is, allowing us to see it clearly in the scene.

Information tool is connected to the list tool, because it is very important to relate the selected object with the rest of them in the scene.

Currently we only offer the user the “type” of the family of each one, but we are working on offering the complete database of each BIM object in the project.

This tool close BIM programs to virtual reality, and most importantly, close user with no training on BIM methodology to the management of these files, simplifying work and communication between construction agents.

It also helps BIM modeler to identify problems in the BIM models, such as class detections, or bad objects’ models.

You can enjoy this tool in the new version of VT-Platform. If you are interested in some information contact us



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