Audio mark tool in VT-Platform. What allows you to do?

VT-LabNewsAudio mark tool in VT-Platform. What allows you to do?
24 September, 2018 Posted by VT-Lab In News No Comments
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Audio in Virtual Reality applications is a very important component because it introduces us in the scene and greatly facilitates communication between users and the application. That´s why in the new platform we are working on the audio transmission with an audio mark tool.

Taking into account the above, creating an audio mark is the most obvious step because it simplifies communications in the events that needs a long explanation.

audio mark

The audio mark tool consists of two parts.

A first in which we record the audio, and a second in which we place a small indicator on the mark as an icon which helps us to indicate where or how the incident is.

The first part of it, has a decibel meter, which makes it easier to know if we are recording well or if we are recording external noises.

This tool we have developed have the ability to work with any computer microphone. Only by plugging it into the computer we can enjoy the tool. In addition, helmets such as HTC VIVE already have a microphone.

In the future, it is planned to create reviews with audios, sending them to specific e-mails or send them to specific users of the platform.

We are also trying, through word recognition, to create interactive marks, able to detect words and perform functions, which would be ordered by the user.

Through this future system we could avoid using an external modeling or editing program to perform changes in the scene such us move structural elements of the model, by just using our voice.

This tool compensates for the shortcomings of the drawing and text marks, reaching where they are not capable of and closing a simple and easy to use communication system, which will evolve according to the needs of the user.

Are you interested in discover the tools that we are implementing in RV? Have a look at this post.

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