Welcome to the future

Who we are?

At VT-Lab we are specialists in combining BIM methodology with Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies, with the aim of linking the visual power and source of digital information contained in 3D geometric models or BIM models, to the visual capabilities offered by virtual and augmented reality technologies.

We work to digitize and make more efficient all processes and workflows in any stage of the life cycle of an Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) project.

We are at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, and in the AEC sector this goes through the combination of BIM methodology with new technologies such as: virtual and augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Objects, among others.


Code of conduct

VT-Lab’s code of conduct is full of common sense.
We follow the highest ethical standards, upholding our integrity as non-negotiable.
We seek excellence in our work, promoting continuous training and endless communication with customers, employees and suppliers.
We differentiate ourselves by the reliability of our commitments, the capacity and professional rigor of our staff and respect.

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We try to get as close as possible to the professional and personal needs of our clients, to achieve the most satisfactory result for them.



Sector AEC

The AEC sector

Around 30% of the agents that make up the Architecture Engineering and Construction sector (AEC) have access to expensive tools and technology, as well as a high level of specialization (large enterprises).

The remaining 70% are Blue Collar Stakeholders or field workers, who cannot afford expensive devices and whose level of qualification is less specialized. 

Of the 2 billion firstline workers worldwide, 77% consider that they do not have the necessary technology to be productive.

What we achieve with

virtual and augmented reality in the AEC sector

Information flow in the industry

The quality of the information flow decreases as it passes through each of the agents in the value chain, so that when it reaches the last operator, it tends to zero. 

This generates a communication gap that has negative consequences on the productivity of the sector. 

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Our solution to the situation

We developed a productivity tool based on the digital twin, which acts as link between both sides of the communication flow, thanks to which we bring the BIM closer to field workers and improve the quality of information between all agents.

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What are your benefits?

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Increase productivity

We develop productivity solutions to achieve the highest efficiency in your work processes

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Reduce costs

Improves security and detects problems early by eliminating misinterpretations and ending rework.

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Save time

Work on your BIM in real time, streamlining decision making and reacting in time to possible failures.


Vision and Mission


To promote the digitization of AEC sector in order to increase the productivity of the construction processes.


To achieve greater efficiency in the work processes of customers, thanks to the integration of BIM methodology with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, taking the BIM to all the agents in the value chain of a construction process in the AEC sector.

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Our team

Qualified specialists for all kind of projects

Iván Gómez
Chief Executive Officer

Guillermo Sánchez
Chief Designer

Rafael Palos
Head of BIM Department

Hugo Martínez
Head of Web Development Department

Camila Barrantes
Chief Marketing Officer

Alberto Jiménez
Head of VR/AR Department

Joaquin Sánchez
AR developer


Andreu Ibañez

Gonzalo Aller

Carlos Martinez-Jarabo